An average of 2 million burglaries are reported each year in the US. For this reason it’s important to consider the benefits of a professional security system.



AMV CONNECT can design and install a security system that enables you to monitor, record, and alert you if your home or business has been compromised.

Using today’s technologies this can be done with mobile devices from remote locations.


Surveillance can be used for intelligence gathering, crime prevention, and the protection of your personal and business assets. We provide consulting and installation services.


Grant or deny access to your employees or customers to specific areas of your business, based on your own sets of criteria, giving you full control.


Unlike analog closed-circuit cameras, IP cameras can offer a range of functions; from basic monitoring to advanced analytics, all accessible from your smartphone or PC.


Enhance the storage capabilities of your IP cameras by record live HD video to a dedicated drive for quick access at a later time.


– Installation & Maintenance
– Doorbell Camera Installation
– In-Home Monitoring Systems
– System Redesign and Upgrades




All of our projects start with a Free Consultation.

This is an opportunity to meet with you and offer expert advice based on the needs of your project.
Our clients include home or business owners, general contractors, realtors, interior designers, IT administrators, and executive assistants.

Research & Design

With your vision in mind, we will design a system that meets or exceeds your expectations from start to finish.

We also guarantee your are getting the best products at unbeatable prices.

Itemized Quote

Our itemized quote helps you understand where your money is going, this means no hidden fees or unknown parts.

All of our products and services are “a la carte”, keeping you in charge of your budget.


Upon approval, we’ll schedule our certified team to begin the installation process at a time that is convenient for you.

We guarantee your project will be delivered clean, timely and professional.

Tech Support

There is no such thing as a maintenance free electronic system, with AMV Connect you are covered.

Our tech support will maintain your equipment operating at it’s full potential.

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All of our work is designed and installed using the best brands in the industry. We work with technology companies to get you the latest products at the best prices. Here’s a few of the brands we work with: